Requesting an Interview

  • 1. Log into your jobseeker account on the site.
  • 2. Go to the “Jobs” tab at the top.
  • 3. Check the box for “Only show NAA Education Institute – Military Career Fair jobs.” and click the blue “Search” button.
  • 4. Click the title of a job you’re interested in to see the full details.
  • 5. From that screen, click the orange “Request an Interview” button at the right.
  • 6. Enter your cover letter in the field provided and answer the questions asked here then click the “Save & Continue” button.
  • 7. Add or select any documents you’d like to attach on the next page and click the “Save & Continue” button to proceed.
  • 8. Preview the information you’ve entered on the next page. If it’s correct, click the “Request Interview” button at the top. If you need to make updates, click the “Previous Step” button to go back.
  • 9.The site then sends your interview request to the employer. They will receive it and accept/schedule your interview, if interested.