Using Email Reporting to Improve Multifamily Email Performance

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Email Reporting Overview
Finally, to improve email performance you need the right data. There are 3 metrics you should measure on every email:

Open Rate
Click-Through Rate

These features allow you to optimize:

Subject lines
Email variety
Send Frequency

In this post, we will review email reports and use that data to inform and enhance the performance of the 3 email metrics.
Optimizing Open Rate
Reporting at both the Regional and Property level can inform and improve Open Rate (OR) performance. Starting with the first report type, Property A has an OR of 8.99% – this is very low. Property B has an OR of 31.83% – this is quite high. The OR range between these properties is very drastic. Let’s look a little deeper at Property A and Property B.

When looking at Report Type 2, you see Property A sent a total of 9 emails in the month of June while Property B sent 6 emails. Property A’s average OR was 8.95%. Property B’s average OR was 31.01%. Both properties primarily sent Offers.

Below you see the individual email campaign reports from Property A and Property B. Note the subject lines and OR for both.
Property A’s subject line: ‘Hello from Property A’ and an OR of 7.79%.

Property B’s subject line: ‘July 4th Special Offers Inside!’ and an OR of 25.55%.

Undoubtedly, subject lines impacted the OR of these two campaigns. Property A’s subject line is generic. It does not indicate……