Fan of the Netflix Hit, Selling Sunset? Jason Oppenheim Shares Some Great Tips That Also Apply to Leasing Apartments

I started watching Selling Sunset because I wanted to see all the amazing houses, and while there might be a bit more reality TV drama than I would like, it’s still a fun show that easily draws you in.  So in that vein, I stumbled upon an interview with Jason Oppenheim that completely applies to leasing apartments!  This might be a fun clip to share with new leasing consultants who happen to be a fan of the show.   (Skip to 7:58 for the part that aligns with leasing apartments)

I love how he proactive he is about asking prospects about what other locations they have been to.  Don’t be afraid to dig into what their process is to find out what you are up against!  And while you don’t want to bash the competition, knowing how to highlight less-than-ideal features that their leasing consultant surely tried to gloss over is a fantastic strategy.
I also love asking about where they live now.  Do they like their current place and unfortunately need to move somewhere else for work, or are they trying to escape because they hate their apartment?  That back story is critical to understanding their needs. 
If you skip to 13:38, I love how he talks about memorizing the map of the area and knowing every street.  Maybe you need to give directions for someone coming in and they may be coming from north, south, east, or west.  Maybe you want to give restaurant recommendations to someone who just moved in.&n……