Using Send Frequency to Improve Multifamily Email Performance

What Does the Research Say?
Sending emails consistently is crucial to optimizing prospect and resident engagement. However, sending emails too frequently can quickly result in users’ unsubscribing. Marketing Sherpa found most people prefer to receive promotional emails at least once a month. The second highest preference is receiving promotional emails at least once a week. *In multifamily, sending emails 1-2 times per week seems to be well received.
User Behavior as a Signal for Frequency
There are a number of ways to discern if the frequency at which you send your emails is effective or not:

Number of unsubscribes following your email campaign
Low OR and CTR
Higher OR and CTR (ideal response)

Number of Unsubscribes
While nobody wants their prospects or residents to unsubscribe, this is a good indicator if you are sending emails too often. In fact, TechnologyAdvice found that 45.8% of people flag an email as spam because the sender sends messages too often:

Another significant reason why users unsubscribe is due to irrelevant content. You’ll notice in the graph above, the third most sighted reason for unsubscribing is due to irrelevant content. In fact, 85% of people surveyed by the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) say that ‘…less than half of the emails they receive are either interesting or relevant.’ In short, sending messages too frequently, especially if they are irrelevant, will result in unsubscribes.
Low Open Rate and Click-Through Rate
You may also find your Open Rate (OR) and Click-Through Rate (CTR)……