Using Open Rate to Improve Multifamily Email Performance

The majority of industries rely on email marketing to promote their content and products and engage with their users. In multifamily, email marketing can help convert prospects to residents and retain existing residents. However, effective email marketing is reliant on multiple variables; namely:

Open Rate
Click-Through Rate
Send Frequency

Optimizing these three variables will enhance multifamily email performance and increase outreach.
What is Open Rate?
To begin, what is Open Rate (OR)? OR is one of several metrics that reflect the level of engagement prospects have with the content you send them. The higher the OR, the higher the engagement. Before proceeding, it’s important to define when an email is considered ‘open’. An email is considered ‘open’ only when images are enabled. Most emails enable images automatically. Sometimes though, users will need to enable images manually.
Number of Opens
Now that you know how an open email is defined, how are those opens counted? First, there are the number of opens. The number of opens is the number of times an individual user opens an email. For example, if a user receives an email and opens it 5 times, then the number of opens is 5.
Unique Opens
Alternatively, ‘unique opens’ is the number of unique people who have opened an email. Again, say a user receives and opens an email and then opens it four more times. The unique open is counted as one, the total number of opens is 5.
How is Open Rate Calculated?
Seeing as the OR is crucial……