Rent is due – the COVID Response

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Every day we hear about businesses, restaurants, and properties completely turned upside down from the global pandemic. Every day ourselves, we decide where to draw limits, our comfortability with time in public, and with so much unknown, making plans on what to do next. We need some structure somehow, and there are limits to the plans we can make. As I figured out my own finances, spoke to friends and family going in and out of unemployment, I couldn’t help but wonder, how do we create a plan to ensure we make it out to the other side of the mask? Today I’ll be reviewing a strategy for property managers and landlords, to spend time on pieces of the business that leverage the long-term success of their properties. After all, we want to be around as long as possible, and we have renters that need a (safe) place to shelter right now.
               Let’s break down how COVID-19 has affected our tenants. This virus has been reported by the CDC to spread very quickly and easily, with symptoms showing up 14 days after exposure. Employers and businesses have moved to remote work or shut down. So, tenants are staying home more, with work or looking for work. They’re thinking about where to go now that they must pivot in or out of a new industry, how they present themselves during virtual interviews on a computer (with lighting outside of Golden Hour). They’re thinking about what to eat, if they should go out, and ……