Which of the 3 Types of Cloud Services is Best for Property Managers?

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Cloud-based servers allow organizations to access their network and data on the internet instead of having to manage large and unsightly physical servers. The cloud facilitates access to important data therefore improving user-friendly capabilities and enhanced productivity. Approximately 90% of companies currently use some form of cloud services, there are 3 main levels which an organization can adopt cloud services that increase based on sophistication of the platform.
Infrastructure as a Service
“Infrastructure as a service,” or “IaaS”, is the most basic cloud service. IaaS can be used to build and manage networks and data storage that can help companies with their transition to a virtual environment.  It’s typically referred to a ‘cloud storage’ and most often, IaaS is implemented for temporary or unexpected changes. IaaS users can access their networks through a dashboard or an Application Programming Interface (API) online.
Platform as a Service
“Platform as a Service,” or PaaS is the next step up from IaaS offering customers additional capabilities often by integrating with IaaS services. Using PaaS, customers can develop modules and applications themselves within their cloud infrastructure, this gives organizations complete control over the functionality of their software as well as complete responsibility over the security and operation of the apps developed.
Software as a Service
Software as a Service more commonly referred to as “SaaS,” is the most advanced of the three cloud services. SaaS customers can just log into their system online and access a comprehensively platform with a wide range of capabilities including communication and applications designed for specific……