Reopening Webinar Draws 1200 Attendees

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Yesterday, nearly 1200 members participated in a webinar with HAA Legal Counsel, Howard Bookstaff, on the legal implications of reopening Texas apartment communities.  At the heart of members’ concerns were questions pertaining to liability and the requirements necessary for opening amenities. If you missed it, you can view the webinar in its entirety here:

Alternatively you can download the slides here

As a brief recap, here’s what you need to know: 

As you develop rules, guidelines and protocols for reopening common areas and amenities, consider the following:   

  • Three key concepts – social distancing, good hygiene and environmental cleanliness and sanitation – should be your guide. 
  • The Governor has ordered that people shall avoid visiting gyms and public swimming pools, along with other identified facilities (through May 15, 2020). 
  • The Governor’s Report to Reopen Texas helps Texans understand Phase 1 (the first phase of the reopening process) by outlining new protocols, guidance and recommendations. 
  • The Governor’s Report identifies health protocols for individuals, employees and facilities that can be used as a basis for developing your rules, guidelines and protocols. 
  • Rules, guidelines and protocols to consider: 
    • Social distancing when in common areas or when using common area amenities. 
    • Limiting occupancy of enclosed areas to allow persons visiting the enclosed areas to practice social distancing. 
    • Self-screening before entering a common area or amenity or refraining from entering a common area or using an amenity if the resident is not feeling well. 
    • Washing or disinfecting hands upon entering common areas or amenities. Wearing a cloth face covering when entering a common area or amenity. 



For access to the complete Q&A from Howard on this matter, click here

Curious about how your fellow member operators feel about opening amenities and resuming tours? Several polls were conducted during the webinar to glean this information.  

Will your community/communities plan to open the fitness center prior to May 15th?

Yes        No         Undecided          

21         509       256        

3%         65%      33%                 

Will your community/communities plan to open the pool prior to May 15th?

Yes        No         Undecided          

25         478       284        

3%         61%      36%       

Will you resume normal leasing tours?  

Yes        Virtual only        Self-guided only  

187       129                     150        

Will your community/communities require visitors to the office wear a mask?      

Yes        No         Undecided                        

373       94         229                                    

54%      14%      33%                                 


Finally,  there were many members with questions about evictions as we enter a new week of rent collection. We’re currently evaluating those questions for future webinar topics; stay tuned via the HAA website and your inbox for announcements on additional programming soon.