6 Tips for Better Posture at Work

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6 Tips for Better Posture at Work

For optimal health, we have to be mindful of how we manage stress physically by analyzing posture and its role in helping us stay well.

The hard-working staff in multifamily do the majority of work from a desk. The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” is beginning to ring more true as longer hours propped in front of a computer start to take a physical toll.
In this post, we’ll define what posture and form are, show a few examples of how it affects health & wellness, and provide at least six best practices for getting started with posture mindfulness and correction in your current lifestyle.
What is ‘Good’ Posture?
Good posture is an “upright” position. Slouching or slumping places undue stress on the joints and other physiological systems.  
Neutral pelvic position 

If you don’t remember anything from this article, remember this term: Neutral Pelvis.
Awareness of a pelvic tilt is a major step in the process toward better posture.

Next time you sit in a chair or at your desk, take a moment to analyze what your natural tendencies are – how you sit and where your tailbone ends up. If your tailbone is tucked or protruding, there’s some work to be done. If your tailbone is aligned with your spine, you’re on the right track. Pilates is a great resource for practicing a neutral pelvis position, and a method proven to improve core strength and stability.
Spine alignment and neck position
The spine has natural curvature that stabilizes the body……

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