The Relationship between Businesses and the Environment

The state of the environment impacts business and business impacts the environment. As environmental concerns become more dire, customers are more concerned about how their spending decisions effect the planet. A 2018 Futerra survey found that 88% of customers want businesses to help them achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, but 43% of respondents said that businesses make it harder to live sustainably.
So, what are businesses doing for the environment?  
Current Response
One common response is digitization, which is the transition away from paper to digital files and electronic documentation. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the main reason for illegal forest degradation is logging which is largely used for the production of paper. Every year 18.7 million acres of forest are lost across the world. Eliminating paper can reduce the high levels of deforestation that significantly contributes to the increase of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
Another relevant approach is going zero waste to landfill. This method is all about eliminating garbage. The goal is to take all waste, like packaging, old supplies, or broken equipment and find a meaningful way to reuse, recycle, or repurpose those items. In 2017, it was estimated that 4.51 pounds of garbage was produced per person, per day in the US. Consumption is so high, it’s hard to imagine how we can actually produce zero waste. But we can get closer by auditing waste in offices and responding accordingly, like thwarting the use of disposable items.  
What your company does for the environment largely depends on how you engage with resources regularly. The success of initiatives a……