4 Reasons Your Employees Need Automation

Technology at work can be complicated. As business executives mull over the advantages and disadvantages of installing specialized software, various factors are considered in the cost-benefit analysis. Arguably, the most important effect to consider is how technology supports your team. PWC research found that 90% of C-Suite executives felt like they were making decisions related technology that reflected their staff’s needs but only about 53% of staff agreed.
Here are 4 reasons automation benefits staff.
The upfront costs of technology can deter businesses from implementing software and other technology. However, automation enables organizations to access instant time savings which turns into long lasting cost savings. Automation enables employees to capture time that would be spent on a task that is now streamlined and repurpose it on more meaningful work. Automation eliminates errors, redundancies, and speed of completion, which decreases the overall turnaround time. On a global basis, McKinsey research estimates that automation will lead to a 1.4% growth in productivity annually.
Job Satisfaction
The 2019 Kofax Intelligent Automation Study reported that 92% of executives reported a 25% or more increase in employee satisfaction as a result of implementing automated processes. Automation helps to reduce manual and repetitive tasks which makes day to day work less tedious and more convenient.
Overall 43% of American office workers said they were bored at work in 2016 and bored employees were 2x more likely to leave their job. 44% of people sited their reason for being disengaged at work as having to do unchallenging work that didn’t use their higher-level abilities. Automation eliminates those basic level tasks that are time intensive and gives staff the ability t……