Leadership by Transparency

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We hear you loud and clear, multifamily employees: you want your leaders to be loud and clear!
Over the past 6 weeks, more than 2,600 rental housing employees have responded to the Swift Bunny Covid-19 Employee Check-In Survey.  In that span of time, we’ve seen a significant increase in employees expressing that they Agree or Strongly Agree that their company is providing important and transparent information that is relevant to their job. What started out in early April as an industry average of 4.27 out of 5 has grown to 4.47 out of 5! Increasingly, we see employee comments such as these:
“I think our company has done a great job communicating policies and keeping its residents and employees safe.”
“I feel that upper management has been very supported throughout all if this.  The emails have been uplifting.  We are feeling well-informed.”
The topics of “transparent communication” and “leadership visibility” have been tracking incredibly closely over the course of the survey, which is a message that executives need to hear. This tells us that employees not only crave information that is relevant to their day-to-day responsibilities and the state of the company, but they crave hearing it from the top. This is a lighthouse moment that we’re seeing more and more successful leaders embrace.

However, while we’re seeing a positive trajectory on transparent communication and leadership visibility, we’re seeing the need for a different kind of information and support at every level of the organization. Increasingly, we’re seeing employee comments ……

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