Here’s Everything You Need To Create Great Looking Videos For Your Community

Here's Everything You Need To Create Great Looking Videos For Your Community

My brother Louis is one of the best DP’s (Director of Photography) there is. He knows how to make a gorgeous video. I’m a pretty decent producer myself. My team and I recently wrapped on our first short film called Family Dinner. It’s not released yet, but you can watch it here if you’d like. Content warning: It’s a little weird and morbid. But it’s fun. 
All in all, my brother and I own somewhere in the range of $50,000 worth of video equipment, with Louis taking the lion’s share of that number. My point – video production can get expensive, very fast. 
Now more than ever, incorporating video content into your community’s social media strategy is essential. There are two avenues you can take for video production. You can hire someone like me, or you can do it in-house. Both have their place. Here’s the thing – most people do not need a $1,000 Rode mic or a $10,000 cinema camera to produce quick, engaging videos that look great. Mobile videography has come a long way, and it’s just getting started.
In this post, I will show you a video equipment set-up for under $2,000, that will allow you to produce great-looking videos for your property.
Let’s start with the camera. The iPhone Pro is hands down the best piece of equipment for mobile videography. 
iPhone Pro 11 (Base Model)
Price: $999 (on Apple’s website)
Last year Apple came out with the first iPhone sporting three lenses – a……