COVID-19 and Package Management Best Practices

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COVID-19 and Package Management Best Practices

It is quite clear that the coronavirus has made an undeniable impact on our daily lives. The amount of information flowing through the media has people running rampant. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to figure out the best ways to prepare themselves in any way they can. 
Social distancing, isolation and self-quarantine have caused people to over-prepare for the worst. People are clearing the shelves of household cleaning products, perishable foods and almost everything else at grocery stores and even some online retailers are struggling to remain stocked. However, package delivery services are working diligently to keep operations moving forward as best as possible, though the higher volume combined with airline restrictions are adding complexity and delaying last-mile deliveries.
The CDC and local health authorities have released information to stop the spread of germs, specific disinfectants to use against the virus, recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting, encourage social distancing and much more. 
Everyday activities that become a habit, like checking the mail and picking up a package, need extra precautions at times like this. Even though there are no set guidelines concerning COVID-19 and package management, and there is little evidence that the virus can be transmitted via mail and packages, it is important to be as diligent as possible. 
Regardless of what type of package management you have on-site, it never hurts to be safe. Here are a few practical tips for onsite teams and residents to keep in mind when it comes to managing packages during these unprecedented times:

Wash Your Hands. You should wash your……

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