Amid COVID-19 Shutdown, Thinking of Multifamily Maintenance Workers

One of the really great parts of my job as CEO of ServusConnect is traveling around the country meeting with multifamily operators (executives & technicians alike) and having discussions about their successes & challenges with maintenance operations. Needless to say, I’m not traveling any longer, but the week before the NBA suspended play and the NCAA conference tournaments were shut down, I was on one of these trips in New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania.
At that time, there were already several confirmed COVID-19 cases in NYC.
During a meeting in NJ (about 20 minutes outside the city) with an operations exec at an owner-operator for several thousand units in the region, it was mentioned that a maintenance employee had called into the corporate office earlier that day to ask the question:
“What if we’re scared to come to work because of how close we might be to residents under quarantine for coronavirus?”
This is a question that you may have fielded several times by now. That day, it was ground zero; completely new territory for everyone. This was exactly the point where the weight & risk of a potential COVID-19 outbreak and impact to the health & safety of property teams, specifically maintenance team members, started to press on me.
Maintenance Teams Are First Responders
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