Innovations that Create Resident Loyalty and Don’t Rely on Technology

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There is a lot of focus on technology in the apartment industry these days.
And rightly so. Today’s residents are seemingly glued to their smartphones, and we’ve all seen how software, mobile apps, smart-home technology and artificial intelligence can be used to significantly improve the resident and prospect experience.
But operators must not lose sight of the powerful impact that non-technological amenities and features can have on the lives of residents. Today’s renters have a real longing for connection and wellness, and forward-thinking owners and managers have realized that meeting these needs can also be achieved through innovations that don’t rely on Wi-Fi or a sophisticated software program.
Below are some non-technological innovations through which apartment operators can distinguish themselves from the competition and create a community full of satisfied and loyal residents (these amenities and others will be discussed in a session at the upcoming MICA 2020 conference):

Concierge and lifestyle services. Today’s residents are extremely busy. Between their demanding jobs and other responsibilities, they often have precious little energy or time to take care of everyday chores and tasks. When a community offers concierge and lifestyle services – dry cleaning, dog-walking, housecleaning, clothes folding and plant watering, to name just a few – it allows residents to easily handle their day-to-day responsibilities. These services enable renters to use their downtime to relax and unwind. In the process, these offerings can create real resident loyalty and satisfaction.
Exercise and wellness classes. Many apartment communities have a fitness center filled with cardio machin……