Self-Guided Tours Are Going to Take Your Jobs! Or Not??

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With any new technology, there is often fear about whether that technology will ultimately cost people their jobs, and the rise of self-guided tours is no different.  But as we learned at the NMHC OPTECH Conference, roll-outs of this new technology has a great opportunity to work with leasing consultants, not against them.
Before I dig into the solutions shared at OPTECH, let’s first face the fear.  I asked the Multifamily ShareSpace community if they were interested in implementing self-guided tours.  The overall results came out to 145 saying “no” and 130 saying “yes”.  (I Recommend reading all the comments in the discussion)

Now, to be fair, just because someone says “no”, it doesn’t mean they are saying no out of fear of losing their job.  For example, some had concerns about security relating to unsupervised strangers walking around the community:

Other responses were about the expected effectiveness of the service:

But when we talk about effectiveness, that will ultimately bear out with data.  For example, Tour24 noted an average closing ratio of 33%, as well as a high demand for Sunday tours, which represented 27% of all self-guided tours.  (Notably, tours between 6 to 9pm was the most popular appointment time representing 27% of all tours.) 
When we talk about off-hour or Sunday touring, it appears that self-guided tours may not be the replacement that many are worried about, but rather a supplement.  Our leasing offices simply don’t cover many key times prospects would like to tour, and self-guided tours offer an ability to cov……