The enduring strength of truth

Webster defines it as “the property of being in accord with fact or reality.” Truth is a beautiful, most reliable thing.

The truth of Christmas and the holidays is sometimes muffled by the hustle and bustle and stuff—but it’s always there. Truth is just like that. Sometimes soft spoken. Sometimes profound. Always present and most definitely the final word.

How is this related to the rental housing business? Completely related. Immutable truths are that upon which we base our successful businesses, a fact not always acknowledged by mere mortals. Holding vigorously to truth—from the engineering of our buildings to the operations of our businesses to the metrics of our campaigns—determines our level of success.

Here’s one more truth: land ownership. It’s a founding axiom of our businesses born of ancient civilization, and eventually making its way to William Bradford, the second governor of Plymouth in about 1622. The colonies experienced a miraculous pivot when they abandoned a community model for individual land ownership and rights. (Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the greatest of all experiments in ancient principles of truth.)

Consider those countries that grant their citizens rights to own real property, and as importantly, actively protect those rights. In the U.S., we the citizens are empowered to sell, mortgage or rent our property for our own benefit.

Consider all the “facts or reality” of the promise of such property rights and their almost magnetic attraction to the human soul. They draw thousands of immigrants into the U.S., legally or otherwise, every day. Certainly not all newcomers will become property owners, but a country that respects the ancient, even spiritual, rights of land ownership is a culture based on deep-rooted truth, an enduring and greatly desired value in today’s world.

The closer the proximity of truth to an enterprise, the closer it will be to commercial success. And while it is true that most unprofitable businesses fail, successful operations give owners and managers significant meaning and purpose in life entirely separate from their fiscal return. It’s that giving or providing value to others that builds our businesses, but also gives us the gratification of serving others.

That my friends, is the power of truth.

Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. May the new year bring truth and success to your service to our communities. You are greatly appreciated and valued.